Sustainable management and ecological engineering:

Carbon sequestration, biodiversity and social structures in Southern Amazonia: models and implementation of carbon-optimized land management strategies (CarBioCial)” financed by BMBF (Germany) and CNPq (Brazil)
PhD Thesis Aude Zingraff-Hamed (TUM Munich, co-supervised with Stephan Pauleit): Restoration and use of urban rivers
PhD Thesis Luisa Ricaurte (ETH Zurich, co-supervised with Jukka Jokkela): Ecology and Sustainable Management of Wetlands in the Colombian Piedmont region
Sustainable Management Concept for Stream Catchments in the Cerrado and for the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, Brazil (concluded, see publications)
Artificial wetlands to reduce diffuse nutrient inputs into the Loire Catchment (under review)

Functional ecology of freshwater ecosystems and their aquatic-terrestrial transition zones:

PhD Thesis Miguel Saigo (Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Sta Fé, Argentina, co-supervised with Mercedes Marchese): Stable isotope analysis of aquatic-terrestrial interactions in the Paraná River, Argentina
PhD Thesis Luisa Vega (Universität Konstanz, Germany, co-supervised with Karl-Otto Rothhaupt): Ecology of shallow water bodies in neotropical floodplains: role of aquatic macrophytes in carbon cycle of the Pantanal (Brazil) and Casanaré (Colombia)
INAU project on stable isotope ecology analysis of aquatic-terrestrial interactions in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso (Partner: Roberto Silveira, Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil) financed by CNPq (Brazil)
several concluded projects, see publications

Organic matter processing:

WW-DECOEX (world-wide leaf litter decomposition experiment in streams, DFG) concluded, see publications
Organic matter processing in Lake Constance (DFG-SFB): concluded, see publications
PhD Thesis Guillermo Rueda-Delgado: Organic matter processing in Neotropical Streams: concluded, see publications

Invasive species:

SIAL (Stable isotope Analysis Loire): study on the impact of the invasive clam Corbicula spp. on the foodweb of the Loire river, financed by EPL and Agence de l'eau Loire-Bretagne (France)
PhD Thesis John Hesselschwerdt: Impacts of invasive amphipods on the local fauna and on leaf litter decomposition in the littoral zone of Lake Constance: concluded, see publications

Biodiversity and Conservation:

OBLA (Observatoire de la biodiversité ligérienne) - assessment of the biodiversity of the Loire river, databank development, financed by the CNRS (France)
PhD Thesis of Clemence Chaudron on the importance of roadside vegetation strips for biodiversity
ABLA (Aquatic Biodiversity in Latin America) book series (http://www., so far 7 volumes, further books in preparation
Margaritifera auricularia project, in statu nascendi

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