Lecture "Introduction to Tropical Ecology and Conservation of Biodiversity" (University of Tours, MSc course Behavioral Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity, 14 hrs, in english)

since 2010: University of Tours, MSc course IMACOF (Ecological Engineering of Rivers and Wetlands, in french)

Course: "Bioindication with benthic invertebrates" (10hrs)
Course: "Scientific English for River Managers" (20hrs)
Course and Excursion: "Ecological Management of Rivers: European Examples" (50hrs) to Germany (2011, Spain (2012) and Italy (2013)
Course: "Restoration of Wetlands" (8hrs)
Course:"Bioindication of water quality using benthic invertebrates - Harmonization of the European System" (8hrs)
Course: "Ecological continuity" (4hrs)
Lecture: "Ecology of Running Waters" (20hrs)
Course: "Identification of benthic invertebrates" (18 hrs)


Lecture: "Introduction to Tropical Limnology" (University of Bonn, Master course Organismic Evolutionary and Paleo Ecology 4hrs)
Limnology Field course for Hydrologists (Universitäy of Freiburg, MSc. in Hydroecology, one week)

2003-2008: University of Konstanz, MSc and PhD course in Biology (Limnology)

Lecture: "Introduction to Tropical Ecology" (28 hours)
Lectures and supervising of 2 students during the Master Course: "Lake Ecology" (6 weeks)
Course: "Methods in Running Water Ecology" (block course, 2 days)
Lecture: "Introduction to Running Water Ecology" (28 hours)
Course: "Morphology and Systematics of Animals" (4 days)
Lecture: "The life of bugs - ecology and systematics of aquatic invertebrates" (28 hours)
Lecture: "Ecophysiology of aquatic organisms" (28 hours)
"Tropical Limnology" (4 hours)

1994-2001: Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso, Cuiabá, Brazil – MSc course in Ecology and Conservation of biodiversity (courses given in portuguese)

"Community Ecology: Natural mortality and carbon accumulation in a swamp forest at the Jaciara Field Station" (with Nunes da Cunha, block course, 8 days)
"Adaptations of aquatic insects to tropical stream conditions" (12 hours)
"Field Entomology: Canopy fogging" (with Adis and Marques, block course, 8 days)
"Conservation Ecology: Influence of Navigation on habitats and selected groups of organisms on the Paraguay River" (with da Silva, Drago, and Ezcurra-Drago, 8 days)
"Community Ecology: Influence of erosion on soil properties and floristic composition of a fen area at the Jaciara Field Station" (with Nunes da Cunha, 8 days)
"Implementation of water quality monitoring with benthic invertebrates" for the GTZ/SEAMA-project in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil (block course, 14 days)
"Field Entomology: Soil arthropods" (with Adis and Marques, block course, 8 days)
"Wetland Ecology" (with Junk, da Silva & Nunes da Cunha, block course, 8 days)
"The use of artificial substrates in water quality monitoring projects - pros and cons", 2o workshop sobre bioindicação com invertebrados bentônicos, Toledo, Paraná (1 day)
"Aquatic invertebrates and their use as bioindicators for water quality", (with Schwoerbel & Heckman, block course, 1 week)

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