Piraputangas in Bonito



02.06.2020 WDR5, Quarks, Radio-Interview concerning passability for fish (in German) (Audio (start ca. min 7:30), Webpage)

15.05.2020 Deutschlandfunk, Damm-Atlas: Viele Hindernisse für Wanderfische (Audio, Webpage)

14.03.2020 Hessischer Rundfunk, Interview on Dam Removal (in german), Hessischer Rundfunk 14.03.2020 (AudioShort Version printed)


Interview during the 2nd Great Rivers Forum, Wuhan, China, Sina video broadcast were watched 672,000 times

10 min Interview on Dam Removal in Europe and Dam projects in developping countries (currently being translated, will appear on the homepage https://amber.international/)

AWARD as the best documentary film in 2018 in the French University Contest! 20 min video film about the LIFE Project on Conservation of the Giant Freshwater Pearl Mussel in Europe (french, with english subtitles) (Video)


Forscher wollen die Artenvielfalt der Rheinauen schützen, Lahrer Zeitung 7.11.2017 (Text)


Press article: Grande mulette: le Pôle de l'eau progresse (LIFE Project on Conservation of the Giant Freshwater Pearl Mussel in Europe) (Text)

Roundtable contribution (in french) during the 8th international Symposium on Proximity (Journées de Proximité), Tours, France, 20. May 2015 on the issue “proximité du point de vu écologique” (Video: minutes 14:20 – 23:20)


Interview on invasive Corbicula clams in the Loire river (Video, in french) (Video)

Interview on UNESCO Chair (in french) (Video)


Interview on floods (in german) (Text)

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